Introducing the first ever hand luggage with the unique Hanger Handle from Bizhop Luggage

“we've got the handle on luggage!”

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Hi, I’m Iain Begg, founder of Bizhop Luggage and when I travel on business, I prefer to travel light so I frequently hang my suit jacket over the handle of my carry-on luggage – have you done this and have you noticed how the jacket gets crumpled since the handle doesn’t support the shoulders like a hanger would?  That’s why I invented the Hanger Handle; a handle that transforms into a coat hanger.

Cabin Bag with unique hanger handle

As you can see the Cabin Bag is fully developed and we will shortly be moving into full production.  During this period, you can get huge savings on the Cabin Bag via our Kickstarter page and if you subscribe to our mailing list then you’ll be the first to know when our Kickstarter page goes live.

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Unique Hanger Handle animated