About Us

Bizhop Luggage designs and manufactures luggage primarily for business travellers but is equally suitable for anybody who travels whilst wearing a tailored jacket because our unique feature, the Hanger Handle, enables you to hang your jacket securely over your case without becoming creased, crinkled or crumpled (our USP).

Three views of the cabin bag

I had the idea for a Hanger Handle over ten years ago, and I recall a specific incident when travelling to the USA on business with a colleague when I noticed that we had both slung our jackets over the handles of our carry-on bags.  I looked around the business class lounge and saw there were over a dozen others doing exactly the same thing – “Why has nobody invented a handle that folds out to form I hanger” I remarked!

Eventually I decided to research it and with the help of my father and his impressive woodworking workshop we created the first prototype.  Really it was more of a proof of concept however my father and I continued to debate the design and functionality and over the next few months he ended up building three gradually improved wooden prototypes (see our History page for photographs).  During the same period, I kicked off the patenting process.

A lack of traction from luggage manufacturers meant that the idea may well have been dropped but I remained convinced that just because nobody was looking for a Hanger Handle doesn’t mean that they didn’t want one.  I sensed a need (a niche in the market) and I decided to pursue it.  So, I pressed on with the idea by investigating and studying plastic injection moulding and secured help from some CAD designers.  Within a short time, we had a fully functioning plastic prototype created using 3D Printing techniques and now we could see the invention becoming a reality.

Visits to manufacturers, Cabin Bag design, CAD model iterations, multiple 3D Printed prototypes, creative design, branding and detailed business planning culminated in the formation of Bizhop Luggage.  For a more detailed description see our History page.

Targeting business travellers means we should build a Premium Quality product and we studied other products in that class on the basis that “we need to be at least as good and preferably better”.  This principle is applied to every component in the construction of our cases.

Where are we now?  What you see online today is a detailed/finalised prototype of the Hanger Handle and a final sample of the first product, our Cabin Bag.  Shortly we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign as this will enable us to go into full production.  If you would like to support this project, then please leave your email address by clicking the button below.  You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram where you can also comment and provide feedback on what you’ve seen and in so doing you will steer the future product development of new and improved business traveller luggage.

With thanks to…
I’d like to mention here the many people who have helped me on this journey (whilst the contribution levels vary widely I do want to thank all of these people for their support)…
Charles Begg, Susan Nisbet, Steven Lester, Adam Collis, Samantha Kaye, Julia D’Arcy, Anne Lacaze, Howard Wright, Andy Smart, Chris Chappell, Nick Brown, Stephen Boyle, Tim Wilkie, Jon Thompson, Alan Hay, Devon Fan, Martin Deas, Neil Smith, Mel Hillbrow, Mike O’Riordon, Steve Boros, Chris (UniqueCapture), Danny Barkany, Nick Blackledge, Zelenks, Belinda65, Sergio Perano, Caroline Koutsoudes, Alex McNamara, Clare Rudd, Phil Littler, Maria Azcona, Marion Murphy, Faye Bryan, Raymond Keene, Helen C-M, Julia Warren, David Johnston, Phyllida Vanstone and all of my friends who liked and shared my posts relentlessly throughout the Crowdfunding campaign.